Principles of Marketing – Research Primer

Principles of Marketing – Research Primer

Instructions: For these questions, you will need to consult the Starbucks 2014 Annual Report, the Mergent Online
database, and Euromonitor’s Passport database.
To access Starbucks Annual Report:
1. Go to:
2. Scroll down and click on Investor Relations.
3. Click on the FY14 Annual Report Form 10-K
An annual report is a publication generated by public companies and distributed to their shareholders. It usually
includes financial information, legal information, and an operating business narrative among other sections.
To access Mergent Online and Euromonitor’s Passport databases:
1. Go to libragyxmuedu
2. Click on the Databases A-Z tab. A listing of all available databases will display.
3. Scroll down for Euromontior Passport and Mergent links.
4. If prompted, enter your RMU username‘ and password.
Mergent Online is a company information database. It includes financial information for more than 10,000 companies.
Euromonitor’s Passport is a comprehensive business database. It provides company data, industry analysis, and country
business profiles.
Company Information Section: Starbucks
Mergent Information for Question #1;
1. Access Mergent Online via the eLibrary
2. Search for Starbucks
3. Click on Company Financials
4. Chan e ull down
8 P menus to read Annuals – Income Statements – All Available Years
5. ole on Refresh
Question #1: This in
formation ’5 available m Mergent Online as part of the Starbucks’ income statement.)
What was the total net reven
95 (‘0 thousands) for Starbucks for the following years

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