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Presentation traing
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As you begin to make preparations for the completion of the In-Service Presentation, below are the instructions in order for you to plan ahead:
Because of the nature of the work, it is impossible to employ trained personnel in the Health Information Management (HIM) Department. It then becomes the responsibility of the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) to develop on-the-job training for his own personnel. Frequent in-service education programs for other departments are necessary. To be able to meet these needs, proper planning for such training and the ability to present information and evaluate results is an important task. This activity is designed to help the student develop such skills.

Method of Presentation:
Submit your In-Service presentation via Module 10 assignment link. Your presentation should include a lecture & discussion, handouts, student teaching assignment etc…

Student Activities:
As a part of the lecture/discussion, the student will identify those subject areas which may appropriately be presented to HIM staff and other healthcare professionals whether for new staff orientation, annual training purposes and/or in the event of new technology or procedural updates

Each student will then-
• Prepare a RECORDED verbal/oral presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi or other related type software/programs on the selected subject/topic of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: Your topic be a HIM related topic. For example: How to Respond to a Breach of Data, Preparing for the Launch of the EHR or How to Respond to Release of Information (ROI) requests. If using a video such as YOUTUBE as part of the presentation, it can play no more than 5 minutes during your presentation.
• Prepare to submit an accompanying lesson/activity that you would normally distribute to all participants at the conclusion of your in-service presentation. Don’t forget to include your ANSWER KEY. For example, if you decided to conduct a “test your knowledge” quiz, you will include a copy of the actual quiz along with the answer sheet. If you hypothetically planned to distribute a handout etc, a copy must be provided. Or if you hypothetically planned to conduct a game such as a jeopardy etc. based on your topic, a copy of the game along with the ANSWER KEY is required.
• Submit in Module 6 your proposed In-Service Topic and Outline. I will respond with either full-approval or comments to “fine-tune” your topic in order to receive full approval***Please see attached Sample***
• Submit to your instructor a copy of all presentation materials such as handouts, PowerPoint etc. during the time of submission. All audiovisual equipment must be ready. You must be knowledgeable regarding operation.

Also your presentation, must include along with your introduction state 3-5 objectives, the purpose of your presentation, what is your measurement tool (post test) etc. In terms of your handouts you can actually include your handout within your presentation slide(s).

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