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MC51003A Practice Production Essay MC51003A – Induction to Media Practice 1,500 to 2,500 words
Following the completion of the coursework assignments, students are required to produce a Production Essay.
The aim of this essay is to encourage and inspire your creative thinking and ambition. You are asked to match your learning during the induction course with your imaginative aspiration in creating a production in the medium of your choice. You are also being asked to analyse how you would produce your idea in another medium you have experienced and studied.
Please answer the following question:
Describe a media production you would like to produce in one of the areas of media you have studied on the Induction module. Then, explain how you would adapt and produce the same idea for one other medium that you have studied on the module. Take care to thoroughly compare and contrast BOTH mediums, referencing module handouts and wider reading to support your research
Any issue or topic, such as: Shopping, homelessness, body image, food in the canteen, gang culture; health, wealth, happiness, germs…could be treated in a factual way for a TV documentary/ a piece of journalism/ a series of photographs/ a radio production OR treated in a fictional way, for animation/ creative writing/ radio/ a series of illustrations, then adapted to a contrasting medium.
An article written for Smiths magazine on an issue about germs – personal or general or MRSA or specific to college.
Adapt this to an animation which uses the factual information gathered for the article, adapted to a dark, horror animation about the dangers that lurk in drains/ on hands/ up noses/ under Goldsmith’s toilet seats.
This is an academic essay so it requires discipline with respect to presenting and concluding arguments, attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you quote any existing publications you are obliged to notate them and to include them in a bibliography at the end.
Essay Assessment Criteria
Each of the four criteria are equally weighted:
1. Thecreativityofyourideaanditsexpression.
2. How effectively you compare and contrast the treatment of your idea in relation to the
media you have studied.
3. Quality of presentation in terms of spelling, grammar, use of English, and clarity of
4. References to instruction, handouts and recommended reading during the induction
courses and the quality and depth of the research you have undertaken for the subject of your proposed media production.


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