PR Case Study; Ethics

PR Case Study; Ethics

Things to keep in mind for each Chapter Case Study;
– Go online and conduct some basic research. Find articles relating to Public Relations, but has to be a SPECIFIC subject. The topic for this case study is “Ethics”.
– Students will be given wide latitude to select topics that interest them and relate to PR. As long as a reasonable argument can be made that the topic relates, a student is free to pursue whatever topic he/she finds interesting and the he/she can find support for during the research process.
– When conducing research, keep the following tips in mind:
Students should avoid web sites that might be considered questionable in their content and their credibility. Examples would include, but not to be limited to, Wikipedia, Yahoo!,, etc.
If the author or organization of a web page is not identifiable, it might be best to avoid.
One source is rarely enough.
– The Case study should be one page, typed, double spaced, using standard margins and 12-points Times New Roman font.
– Any paper that fails to reach 3/4 of a page will not be graded.
-Papers should include some type of bibliography. References do not count towards the one page total.
– As a general rule, following these steps should ensure appropriate content for each Case Studies.
Briefly summarize the information you gather form research. A limited, opening paragraph should suffice. Do not submit an entire page of summary.
It could be productive to focus on a single corporation, organization, or individual. What did they encounter?
Explain how the information you gathered is related to the relevant chapter. Sometimes this may be obvious, but other times it might require a few sentences to connect the dots.
Provide a discussion of the ways in which the information uncovered through the research process has expanded or influenced understanding of the specific area of public relations addressed in the related chapter.

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