PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine that you are at your job discussing how much you are learning throughout your Sociology of Sport class. This has led some of them to ask you to present the newfound knowledge to your monthly brown bag lunch group at work.
Create a PowerPoint presentation to share with your colleagues that discusses the three major theories found in Unit I:
1. Cultural theories
2. Interactionist theories
3. Structural theories
Include the following information regarding the theories:
What is known about the theory
Major focus of the analysis
Major concepts used
Related research studies
Please make sure to have a title slide with the title of the slideshow and your name, slides that are relevant for this presentation, and a closing reference slide. You can also use the slide notes at the bottom of each slide as well, but it is not required. Also, be creative with your slides.
You are required to have at least six (6) slides not including the title slide and reference slide. Please be creative with your presentation through the use of colors, pictures, and other graphics.
Use your own words, and include citations for sources.

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