PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Instructions
For this assignment, choose one of the topics that were covered in the course that you believe has a great impact on the health of your community, and that you would like to explore further. Assume that you have been asked to give a Power Point presentation to community members that will provide an overview of important factors to consider relative to the impact that this topic has on the health of their community. (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.)

As you develop your presentation, synthesize the information that has been covered in the course (you may have to read ahead in the textbook) and review 3 other sources of reliable information (i.e., current and scholarly) to prepare an 18-20 slide presentation to help your audience form an understanding of how this topic impacts the health of their community.

This should be a newly developed PPT for this assignment – not simply a repeat or revision of something that you have done for another course or another assignment in this course! You will not receive credit if you simply use your previous work (in fact, that would be considered self-plagiarism).

Begin your PPT with a slide stating the goal of your presentation (i.e., what is your purpose and what do you want to accomplish with the presentation) and relevant objectives (i.e., what would you like for your audience to know when they leave your presentation in order to achieve the overall goal), (these count as part of your total slide count). To help you with constructing goals and objectives, review the page in this module entitled What are SMART Goals and Objectives.

Provide in-text citations of your sources (including the textbook) directly on the slides themselves (not just in the Notes) as well as a references slide.

Proofread your presentation carefully! Consider your presentation to be a representation of your professional skills and abilities. Grammar, spelling, content and appearance of the slides are all part of professionalism and will be considered in the grade awarded to your finished product. Take the time to produce a product that you will be proud to show your colleagues and your community!
Before you begin to develop your presentation, review the PPT Guidelines and Requirements page in this module, and the PowerPoint Rubric so that you will understand what is expected for the assignment and how it will be graded.________________________________________

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
� Module 3 Finding Reliable Information on the Internet
� Dropbox—-See the Finding Reliable Information on the Internet assignment instructions in this module Finding Reliable Information on the Internet Assignment

Finding Reliable Information on the Internet
Assignment Instructions
It can be extremely difficult to determine the reliability of health and wellness information found on the web or in popular media sources. The amount of information accessible through computer channels is huge and expanding rapidly. These sources can be accessed through the Internet. The information is voluminous, but not necessarily accurate. Virtually anyone can create an online resource and make it available to the general public. That is one reason that we do not allow Wikipedia to be used an academic resource. How can you determine which sites offer valid, reliable information, and which sites provide questionable, false or misleading information, or personal perspectives/opinions (i.e., blogs) that are not necessarily based upon current evidence? In addition to the readings for this module, the resources found on the library website will be instrumental in helping you to complete this assignment.

NOTE: For this assignment, you are searching for websites or web pages – do not use library sites (i.e., SPC Library) or publication websites (i.e., a journal article published on a website, such as American Journal of Public Health), or databases (such as Medline or EBSCO).
Remember, you are not summarizing the content of the sites; you are critiquing each website as a whole.

To Prepare for the Assignment
1. Review the Announcing the Final Presentation Announcement in Module 3 as you will need to use 3 of the sources you find for this assignment in that assignment as well.
2. Access the SPC online library homepage.
3. Click on the Our Lib Guides link in the Help with Research box.
4. Scroll down and click on the Evaluating Websites link and review the information thoroughly.
5. Review the brief video located on the page.
6. Note that I will expect to see evidence in your paper that you have reviewed the site and have applied the information from the Evaluation Questions provided there to develop your critique of the websites that you have chosen.

To complete the Assignment
1. Choose the topic that you would like to use for your final presentation (you must be decisive as this assignment will be used in the development of your final presentation).
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 2. Find 4 Internet sources of information related to your final presentation topic. This topic must be the topic that you base your final presentation on.
3. Confine your search to sites that are appropriate for academic use.
4. For this assignment, 3 of your sources must be valid and reliable, and 1 of your critiques should be based upon a site that is unreliable.
5. List the Keywords used in your search, sites and locations (URL address).
6. Use the questions you reviewed in the Lib Guide site to evaluate the websites and their information � e.g., do you consider the site to be reputable, useful, believable; why or why not; who would benefit from using the site, etc.
7. Write a brief summary of your evaluations, including how the site would be useful to a professional searching for information on your topic. In order to receive the maximum number of points you must provide a clear rationale for your assessment
8. Answering one or two of the questions is not adequate – you need to give the reader concrete reasons why they can or cannot trust the site that you have chosen. You do not necessarily need to answer all of them in your write-up, but your evaluation must give enough information to support your reasoning.
9. Do NOT simply cut and paste items from the Internet for this assignment � your paper will not be accepted if you do.
10. This is an APA format assignment. Include a title page, references, appropriate writing style, and the Assignment Rubric (paste to the end of your paper

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