position statement response.

write a short response to each of the following questions.

1. The NAEYC Position Statement emphasizes three critical issues in the current context of early childhood programs today. Briefly describe each of these critical issues and state your opinion on why each issue is important.

2. According to the core considerations in developmentally appropriate practice, what are 3 types of knowledge that early childhood professionals use to make informed decisions about the well-being and education of young children? Give a specific example of how you could use each type of knowledge to support learning in an early childhood setting (three examples in total).

3. Choose 3 of the 5 guidelines of developmentally appropriate practice described in the Position Statement. Briefly describe each guideline in your own words and give a specific example of how you could implement the guideline as an early childhood educator.

4. TheNAEYCPositionStatementlists12principlesofdevelopmentandlearning that inform developmentally appropriate practice. Focus on two of the 12 principles; what is your opinion of these principles and their implications for early childhood education?

5. What impressed you the most about this position paper?
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