Portfolio Project

The purpose of this paper is for you to assess your learning as you prepare a major portfolio project. In this project, you will create an international small business unit (SBU) intranet­based employee manual.

Spain is the country in which your company plans to enter and begin staffing.

Imagine that you are the international human resource (HR) director in a multinational company. The CEO and the board of directors of the company have assigned you the task of publishing the company’s employee manual on the intranet and making sure it is specifically oriented toward the needs and requirements of the expatriate and host country staff and their families. The company’s expatriates include executives and staff on foreign posting for periods ranging from six weeks to more than three years. Some executives may have families, and others may be single. Assume that the overseas staff is new to international operations and living conditions and unfamiliar with the issues that they may face while working in their new roles. You want to design the intranet project in such a way that employees in the company’s offices around the world and in the executive and support departments in the host country offices feel that they are part of the company.

Then, prepare a 1­page PowerPoint presentation, along with a 2­page executive summary (in APA style), seeking the approval of the company’s board of directors—the primary audience of your presentation. A sample outline has been provided to help guide you.

Final Portfolio Project Executive Summary – Sample Outline


Part I: Existing Needs and Benefits


Information Access

Group Collaboration

Instant Messaging

Virtual Conferences

Document Management

Part II: Intranet

Content Company News

Employee Policy & Procedures Manual

Benefits Information



Pay (Statements)


Federal and State Regulations

Career Development

Internal and External Job Postings

Professional Training & Development Opportunities

Employee Directory


Support (Software/Hardware/Phone)



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