Pop Art

Answer: 12. ‘Pop art could never decide whether it was criticizing or celebrating the world it depicted.” Anon. Discuss this statement by close reference to no more than four Pop artworks and/or films.

Your essay should clearly and articulately develop an argument to answer the set question. You are expected to discuss relevant artworks and/or films in some detail, building your argument from your close analysis of works. General points should only be made on the basis of such studies of artworks/films.

You are not encouraged to write biographies of artists or filmmakers, or to merely systematically describe the chronological development of their work.

You are encouraged to subject the statements of writers on art and film to critical assessment. They should be carefully tested against your own response to the artwork or film being discussed. It is often helpful to note differences of opinion amongst writers. Note that all primary and secondary sources must be properly footnoted.


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