The essay should be 4,000 words in length. Submissions will be accepted that are between 3,800 and 4,200 words in length. Note that appendices and front matter are not included in the total word count. The essay should include a detailed and thoughtful analysis of relevant, quality literature that discusses a range of perspectives on the topic you have chosen. Having discussed the various perspectives and supported by examples from the literature or your own experience you should take a clear position on the topic.
You should also ensure that the relevance of the topic to practitioners in IT is discussed and potential challenges to our understanding of IT now and in the future. The report should use an appropriate business report format and include:
• Introduction / Background
• Body
• Conclusion
• References (Harvard Style)
• Appendices (if applicable)
The essay should be developed as an academic paper and contain an introduction, discussion, conclusion and bibliography.
The marking guide has been provided for your reference. It is recommended that you review the marking guide during the development of the paper so that you can ensure that your content, format and structure are aligned with the assessment criteria.
The introduction should provide a brief overview of the field and lay the groundwork for the subsequent discussion.
The body should tell the story of the development of the field, explaining how developments in the field fit together (supported via references).
The conclusion should highlight key points made in the body of the discussion and provide the student’s conclusions.
The final section should be a bibliography listing the references used in Harvard format.
My comments
The unit is Global ICT Practice, so when you write think about globalization in term of IT. You must use Hofstede’s Cultural model
and you can find lot of youtube videos about Hofstede.
I’ve done an initial findings and presented two weeks ago, I just explained the Egyptian revolution, and that must be included in the Essay see the link below:
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/19/books/review/how-an-egyptian-revolution-began-on-facebook.html?_r=0   and you will find many sources
So you can start with a Literature Review about the topic and then, write about different aspect and give examples and analyse the example by using Hofsted’s Cultural model

You can also write about how Obama used social media for his campaign 2008 becoming the first president campaign using social media and then he focused more on it 2012. And then analyse the American response again throw Hofsted’s model.

You can come up with two more examples, maybe China one of them. And again you must use the cultural model.

Please let me know if you need more clarifications or some of the unit content.

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