Policy Issue/Action PowerPoint Presentation

Policy Issue/Action PowerPoint Presentation

This assignment builds upon the previous two assignments. In previous assignments, you developed a policy brief and policy analysis paper on an issue. Assignment 3 is a PowerPoint presentation that is to be in the form of testimony to a legislative committee. The point of this assignment is to get your message across to those making the decisions. The presentation must be recorded. The slide presentation is limited to 8 slides and the time is not to exceed 10 minutes. The final score for the assignment will be reduced by 1 point for each slide over 8 and each minute over 5. After you have recorded the audio, review your presentation and be certain that the audio is optimal quality. No exceptions for poor quality audio may be attributed to technological deficits. The format for the presentation will be:
• Title slide
• Introduction: State your name and the organization you represent (including a very brief description of the organization).
• Problem Statement: What are you here to address? Why is a concern for you?
• Recommendation — What is your solution? What is its impact in terms of costs, savings, lives, etc.?
• Summary and Thank you: Don’t forget to end with your key points and thank the committee.
• Reference(s) – From which source was the information taken?

—–Part 2. (5pts.) You will also prepare a one-page summary (no references needed) in WORD of the policy analysis as a reminder of your issue, organization and recommendation. This summary will be done in SBAR format*. SBAR was originally developed by the US Navy as a communication technique that could be used on nuclear submarines. Include a title page.
??Situation: Briefly describe the problem.
??Background: State the pertinent history. How did the problem or issue get to this point?
??Assessment: Summarize the facts.
??Recommendation: What should be done next? How do you want to fix it?
(Remember, this is also a persuasive piece. Don’t fill every space with words making it hard to read. Committee members hear testimony from hundreds of individuals and organizations. You want them to remember you, your organization and recommendations. You want them to look at your document and find your key points.)
The assignment is due according to the date posted in the Activities and Assignments Schedule


Do not fill the slide with paragraphs. Use bulleted points and limit graphics.

A title page and reference page in correct APA format must be included in the presentation. If you have questions refer to the 6th edition APA manual.

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