Policy Analysis Report about ( income support for unemployed people)in Australia

Topic: income support for unemployed people in Austalia

Assessment: Policy Analysis Report about
Topic: income support for unemployed people
This major assignment should be presented in the format of a research report. This report requires you to select a social policy problem and to critically evaluate current policies or proposals. You will need to select ONE of the following options:
* income support for unemployed people;
This report involves critically examining how the policy problem has been defined and critiquing proposals for government action. This should involve consideration of the following…

a) Provide a brief overview of recent developments in the policy area and outline the main features of current policy.

b) How has the problem been defined in policy and why is there a call for government action?

c) Who are the various stakeholders involved and what are their positions on the policy problem?

d) What is the prevailing policy approach? Consider whether the policy reflects values and stakeholder positions.

e) Critically evaluate the policy in terms of its stated outcomes and some possible alternative approaches to policy.

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