Policy Analysis


In this assessment you are required to demonstrate the policy analysis knowledge and skills that you have developed in this course. You will do this by writing a final policy analysis paper in which you provide an analysis and critique of the policy case study you have been working on throughout the semester. You must incorporate the advice from your Assessment 3: Initial Policy Analysis feedback in this Final policy Analysis Paper.
The task of this assessment is to apply all of Bacchi’s (WTP) approach to the policy case study. Assessment 2 provided some foundational work, which you can use in this assessment. However you will need to edit/modify/rewrite based on the feedback you received from your tutor, and to ensure that it ‘fits’ the structure and requirements of this paper. Time will be dedicated to workshopping this assessment in the tutorials. You should also refer to the course blackboard where you will find exemplars and other advice.

Assessment criteria
Your final paper will be assessed on the extent to which you have: –
•Presented a clear, consistent and evidenced based analysis of the policy background, using and demonstrating your understanding of Bacchi’s WTP approach (addressing all questions outlined in the assessment description above);
•Presented a clear, consistent and evidenced based critique of the policy (including your identification and justification of the policy effects and the overall success of the policy in addressing the policy issue;
•Incorporated the advice and instructions from your Assessment 3: Initial Policy Analysis feedback;
•Supported your analysis with evidence and examples from a minimum of eight (8) academic texts, 
including at least four (4) texts (in addition to Bacchi) from the POLI1066 Weekly Course Readings;
•Logically structured your paper beginning with a clear introduction, series of paragraphs and conclusion (see the online blackboard for models and exemplars); and
•Presented your paper in accordance with the conventions of good academic writing and referencing.
Course Reading And Research Materials 
Online course readings are used rather than a set text. A range of books, newspapers and other media, journals and websites should be used throughout the course and in preparing assessment tasks. Additional reference material for each case study is located on the Learning Hub. This material will be updated so you 
will need to check on the topics you are interested in for new materials.
The site will include: –
• References
• Links to journal articles in the RMIT library
• Links to relevant AV materials (eg podcasts and TV broadcasts)
• Policy documents

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