Part A
Q1. Gender        __ Male __ Female
Q2. Age            __ less than 20 __ 20 to 30 __ 31 to 40 __ 41 to 50 __more than 50

Part B
Q.    Question    Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree
3.    Do people at all the levels in your organization have a general understanding of the concept of “knowledge management?”
4.    Do people from all levels of your organization recognize knowledge management as the most crucial key resource of the organization?

5.    There is a broad board level designed purposely for knowledge management.

6.    In your opinion, do you think that the top management of your organization is committed to the concept of knowledge management?

7.    Do you agree with the following statement “sharing and recording is a second nature routine in your organization”?

8.    Do you support the following statement, “the top management of your organization acknowledges that knowledge management as a critical part of the business strategy of the organization?

9.    Failing is viewed as an opportunity for better learning in your organization?

10.    Does the working fraternity of your organization recognize change management as a part of their working lives?

11.    Do you agree with that all the employees in your organization are very co-operative and are always ready to help when they are asked for some advice or some information?

12.    Do you believe that knowledge hoarding is viewed as a weakness, while knowledge sharing is viewed as the most important strength of your organization?

13.    People in your organization are very transparent when it comes to gathering information and data from each other.

14.    It is true to say that all the intellectual-assets and good-will conceptsare both recognized in terms to importance and valuablilty in your organization?

15.    At the moment, there is an ongoing review of the effectiveness and he efficient knowledge management to the entire company by the senior level management?

16.    Knowledge is viewed as an important strategic and tactic assets in your organization.

17.    Perfect knowledge management characteristics such as sharing and reusing available knowledge within the organization are promoted actively in your organization on a regular basis.

18.    The top management in your organization strongly discourages bad management behavior within and outside the organization.?

19.    There is a routine of rewarding individuals who engages in the sharing of information within the organization visibly and transparently.

20.    Applying knowledge management in the organization on a daily basis operation is a very common aspects of the strategic business objectives of your organization.

21.    The organization has designed a vision for the knowledge management to integrate the organization’s business activities on a day to day basis. Is this statement strongly supported by the organization’s employees?

22.    Do you think that the management has defined the key responsibilities and budget assigned to knowledge management initiatives in the organization?

23.    Do you agree that there is a vivid ownership of the knowledge management activities by the organization itself, as well as a departmental unit?

24.    Your organization hones its skills and expertise for the generation, acquiring and also applying the knowledge via observation and learning from other entities’ learning processes?

25.    Assessment of future requirements is one of the organization’s systematic plan?

26.    Does your organization keep and safeguard its intellectual assets safely?

27.    Customer knowledge is identified, perceived and also maintained within the organization’s archives. According to your opinion, do you support this statement?
28.    Normally, the program of training and development of knowledge management features is done at the recruitment point.

29.    There are normally no efforts of duplicating knowledge management within the organization.

30.    On daily basis, the organization finds the right information for its operations within the premises as well as outside.

31.    When the organization is sub-divided into small teams. Do you agree that the moment each team has completed its task, it does distil its documents and presents what it has found as results?

32.    Do you support the idea of applying knowledge management in the day-to-day activities of the organization’s operation?

Sample Number    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19    20    21    22    23    24    25    26    27    28    29    30    31    32
1    Male    20 to 30    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Nuetral    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree    Agree    Nuetral    Disagree    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Disagree
2    Female    20 to 30    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree    Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Stroingly Disagree    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree
3    Female    41 to 50    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Strongly Agree
4    Female    20 to 30    Neutral    Neutral    Neutral    Agree    Neutral    Agree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Nuetral    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Nuetral    Disagree    Nuetral    Nuetral    Strongly Agree
5    Male    20 to 30    Strongly Disagree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree
6    Female    31 to 40    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Nuetral    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Nuetral    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Agree
7    Male    20 to 30    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Nuetral    Nuetral    Disagree    Disagree    Nuetral    Nuetral
8    Male    31 to 40    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree
9    Male    41 to 50    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Nuetral    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Agree    Agree
10    Male    20 to 30    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Disagree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree    Strongly Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Nuetral    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Agree    Disagree    Disagree    Agree    Strongly Agree

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