phonetics and phonology

phonetics and phonology
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a) Choose four English phonemes (two vowel phonemes and two consonant phonemes) which students in your teaching context generally have difficulty in producing, and discuss in detail and in depth with reference to the literature why these difficulties occur.(50%)
b) How important is it to teach pronunciation (in your own context) and why? Do you think a foreign accent matters? Discuss your ideas with reference to the literature. (30%)
c) Explain how you would help your students to produce more accurately ONE of the phonemes you listed above, giving an example of an activity of your own devising to help them to overcome their problems;justify the activity that you chose with reference to the literature. (20%)

books: second language learning and language teaching by v.cook
second language acquisition by r.Ellis
An introduction to Sociolinguistics by j holmes
English grammar for today by G Leech
English Phonetics and Phonology By P Roach
An INtroduction to Pragmatics by J Thomas
The study of Language by G Yule

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