Philosophy The Quest For Truth ninth edition

Philosophy The Quest For Truth ninth edition

Briefly summarize the views of philosophy discussed in the sections in the Introduction by Plato, (both passages), Locke and Russell.

Briefly state Aquinas’ arguments for the existence of God.

Do the same for Paley and Hume.

Explain one argument presented against one of the theories.

Choose one passage on why there is evil. Explain the argument. Agree or disagree and say why.

Is faith compatible with reason? Choose three authors. Explain their views. What do you think. Why.

In a few sentences explain how the following arguments differ: cosmological, ontological, teleological. Use the glossary.

What are five fallacies of reason. Explain each briefly.

What is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. Which one correlates with empiricism? With rationalism? Which one correlates with knowing something apriori? A posteriori?

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