Philosophy midterm read De George 7th edition

Philosophy midterm read De George 7th edition

Answer three of the following five questions in a separate sheet of paper, typed, double spaced and citing any and all references to books and/or notes discussed in class in at most 2-3 pages per question. The paper is due, without exception Thursday 10/29 at 6 pm. Upload the paper into Moodle, under assignments for that week. ONE file for the entire Midterm please. Make sure it has your last name and midterm 1: lastnamemidterm1.doc; I do not want you to merely quote from the book, you must be able to explain what each of the concepts mean, provide examples. Imagine I have no
idea what you are talking about and you must teach this to me.
You must cite from the papers. Provide me with page numbers if you quote directly, paraphrase, or merely use the idea or concept. Provide a bibliography at the end. DO NOT USE the powerpoints as main resources. Use them as guidelines. BUT cannot QUOTE them! Anyone who does not use the DeGeorge as the MAIN source will fail the test. Anyone who does not cite will not get above a B on the test. If you do not use DeGeorge as the main source will get a 0.
1) What is the Categorical Imperative? How are the principles of Universalizability, Dignity of Persons, and the Kingdom of Ends derived from this Deontological Theory?
2) What is the distinction between causal responsibility and moral responsibility? What are, if any, the excusing conditions for moral responsibility? What role do these excusing conditions play in terms of a) moral responsibility and b) moral accountability?
3) What are the Virtues of a Capitalist Free Market System? What is the Marxist criticism of such a system as exemplified by the Capitalist system? Does it follow then that if Marxism is correct that Capitalism is inherently flawed? How does Capitalism provide a Moral defense of its system?
4) What is the difference between a stockholder and a stakeholder at the level of a corporation? Please describe any and all possible levels of moral responsibility within the corporation. What does this say about the corporation, that is, at what level is the corporation to be held responsible for its actions: as a moral entity,
only in terms of its policy makers, or in terms of any or all of its employees?
5) Why ought there be an open and public system of corporate disclosure at the level of corporations? What is misappropriation? How does it relate to insider trading? Please provide an argument in favor of insider trading and at least two arguments against.

De George 7th edition

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