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Your assignment is to look for a theory related to risk management (or closely related), conduct a brief summary of the theory, perform a scholarly peer-review literature search and develop a Reference List and Literature Summary Table.

The Theory Summary section should include 1,000 words scholarly review of one key theory related risk management by uncovering the origin of the theory, discuss at least five empirical research studies that used the theory as the foundation or stream of references of major relevant work including scholarly work from other fields (peer-reviewed journals only!), and provide arguments for how such theory can be applied for risk management in the context of cybersecurity.

The Reference List section should include at least 15 references of major relevant work including relevant scholarly work from other fields (peer-reviewed journals only!) of research. Some suggested topics may include (but not limited to):

  • Risk
  • Risk management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Managing residual risks
  • Information systems security risk management
  • Mitigating information system vulnerabilities
  • Information systems auditing
  • Managing residual and secondary risks
  • Human factor in risk management
  • Human error
  • Competencies and skills in risk management
  • Risk management governance and policies
  • Controls (digital, encryptions, physical, etc.) threat vectors
  • Information security incident life cycle
  • Risk management in compliance and regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley, FCC, NIST, ISO, etc.)
  • System security architecture vs. business continuity
  • Risk quantification

References should be taken from high quality peer-reviewed journals (from all fields) or other quality peer-reviewed journals. Minimize as possible the use of conference proceedings (no more than four refs from conferences!!!). Be aware that you may need 40 to 50 articles in order to narrow your literature review to good 15 papers.


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