Personas – Internal Factors, Part 2 (elderly) (Barnes & Noble)

please read the Most Important requirement bellow

apply the key terms to the “elderly” and associate them with Barnes & Noble Company

Key terms

choose three key terms from chapter8 and three key terms from chapter 2
Chapter 8
1- ABC model of attitude
2- balance theory
3- identification

Chapter 2
1- mental budget
2- lovemark
3- brand loyal

I will attach chapter 8 and 2 and you can choose any key terms you like( but do forget to choose 3 key terms from chapter 8 and 3 key terms from chapter 2)

For this stage in the project, you are to build from your initial demographic description of the market and describe internal factors that could affect the target market. In describing the internal factors, you will apply concepts from Chapters 8 and 2. If necessary, for a refresher, go back and review the project objectives and descriptions of personas.

From the earlier demographic analysis, pick three or four target market groups to base your analysis on. You will then apply concepts to explain how the How Decision Making and Consumer Behavior(chapter2) and Attitudes and Persuasion (chapter8) characterize the consumer groups.

$$$$$$(Important requirements)$$$$$$
In your analysis, be sure to explain what and how the influential factors (key concepts) affect the personas. You must apply a minimum of three key concepts per chapter for each persona. It is possible to have one key concept that applies to multiple personas. It is not possible, however, to have one key concept that applies to all of the personas–this would conflict with a market segmentation strategy or, in other words, the need for personas. The minimum requirement of two key concepts per chapter means your team’s report “meets expectations,” which will earn you roughly a B or C.

Your team will describe these factors in a brief report and upload the document to this assignment. Use the following outline and replace the words “persona” with your actual persona labels that you create (e.g., “young mothers,” “Philip,” etc.). Restate the demographic characteristics from the initial segmentation assignment. Please place the key concepts in a bold font. Brevity is important. The maximum is no more than 200 words per persona.

Please apply the key terms to the elderly to Barnes & Noble Company

use this book

Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, Michael R. Solomon, 11th
Edition, ISBN-13: 9780133450897

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