personal statement

i’m applying for a master degree in business in order to exceed my knowledge in business, skills and qualities that will allow me to stand out in the employability job market also, to prepare myself for entrepreneurial projects that requires expertise in several skills and qualities.

Academic and non academic experience:

blackberry model:

working as a commercial model, where i improved my communication and interaction skills with the blackberry team and the clients also, this experience makes you have more confidence on yourself and appreciate more what you have either is about your spirit, personality or about your appearance.

Desigual and Gstar raw:

Worked at Desigual london as a sales assistant, where i was responsible for delivering a friendly service, smiling, greeting and making eye contact with every customer that comes to the store. playing an active role in providing a positive customer experience and driving sales also, achieving sales targets set by the company and the sales manager.

Faye’s hair and beauty:

As a manager of the hair and beauty salon, i had the responsibility on making sure that everything in the store goes as perfect as it should be from having every products that hairstylists need to organising and booking appointments also, satisfying every customer that comes into the shop.


As a trainee in finance department where i was trusted to work with confidential information with high interaction around team and work with confidence with all the support and motivation.


worked in the administration of BIBA where i had to master a variety of software package such Microsoft work, power point, excel, access, etc…, to produce correspondence, documents and to maintain presentations, records,spreadsheets and data base also, i improved my interaction and communication skills with customers from different countries.
my skill-set:
Fluent in languages English, French &Arabic.
Persuasiveness and leadership
Verbal and written communication
Team working and organization skills
Fully competent in using Microsoft packages such as word,Excel, PowerPoint, java c++ and Microsoft project plan.

my goals:

after getting my master degree, i want to work for few years then have my own business which will be internationally known.
this is my first master and for the major i prefer just to say i want to do a master in business. as i will apply for different majors in business.

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