Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

Order Description

My subject coordinator asked me to write my personal leadership development plan ( next 12 month) , the plan must be realistic plan of course you going to make up few things but keep it realistic as possible you can.
I have attached the word document which you must use for completing this order ( leadership development plan example word document), follow the instructions in the paper please.
Also, all short courses or volunteer work has to be in Melbourne, when you looking for plans to the 2 other Action areas ( Action area1 : understand my authentic leadership purpose, action area 3: build my support network)
please edit the below under this section ” Build up my communication & social skills”
1. Join Monash Toastmasters ( Regular club meeting starting from Feb).
Use this reference to assist you writing about it:
2. Join Complete Presentation Skills Course ( 4th NOV 2015, 5 wk course).
Use this reference to assist you writing about it:
3. register in Communicating Effectively course offered by INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (ICML), 24 May 2016.
Use this reference to assist you writing about it:
4. videotape myself having speech to note my body language and voice tone ( once every fortnight)
The plan has to include :
25 cited references – Vancouver referencing system,
Word count: 3124 (including table, excluding headings and appendices)
Use concepts of leadership as long you can
Let me know if you have any further question, please do your best this paper worth 60% of my subject total mark.

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