person with Diabetes and could not follow her original action plan due to her blood count being high for a long period. Essay Dissertation Help

Writer for this assignment the instructions are included. I will need to upload my original actional plan so you can input it into the final paper.This person has Diabetes and she could not follow her original action plan due to her blood count being high for a long period.

1. Cover Report

Introduction (10 pts.)

Provide an overview of your wellness plan, describing the wellness dimensions you selected to focus on.

Report on Action Plan Implementation (25 pts.)

During the implementation of your Action Plan you recorded progress, successes, and failures. Report on these results. Did you achieve your goals? What helped you succeed or what blocked your success? Did you experience any sabotaging thoughts or behaviors?

You will use this Action Plan as one aspect of the Lifelong Wellness Plan but may need to alter it. Based on your Implementation results, what aspects of your plan required alteration? Describe your changes and reasoning. If you do not make changes to it, explain your reasoning as well.

Evaluation and Conclusion (30 pts.)

Discuss any limitations you see in your Lifelong Wellness Plan. For example, what might you need to change in the future and why?

Also discuss what you’ve learned during the Implementation of your Action Plan and creation of the Lifelong Wellness Plan. Do you envision it effecting your life? Why or why not?

Additional evaluation criteria for the Cover Report are:

References (5 pts.) and Mechanics (10 pts.)

You are expected to use MLA style for you paper providing in-text citations and a list of Works Cited for all references. Full points for mechanics will be allotted for papers that are free of spelling and grammatical errors. All submissions will be submitted to Turnitin to check for originality, so be sure to quote and cite your sources.


The overall cover report should be between 3-5 pages in length.

2. Action Plans

You will create a total of 4 different Action Plans. Each Action Plan will be worth 30 points, with the same grading criteria as your initial Action Plan. The instructions are:

Create an Action Plan for each of the following lifespans. One of these will be your revised Action Plan previously submitted.

Youth (approximate ages 5-17)
Young Adult (approximate ages 18-30)
Middle Age (approximate ages 31-60)
Mature (approximate ages 61 and up)
You must address a different dimension of health for each lifespan. Choose from the following dimensions:


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