Research Article Analysis:

Please choose one of the research journal article located in the Research Articles folder (look under the Research Articles tab (see below in Modules). Read the article and address the following question set listed below.

Composition questions to be addressed:
•How is the research related to criminal profiling?
•How does the information expand your knowledge of serial offenders and/or offenses?
•How can you apply the research to the concept or application of criminal profiling in actual profiling exercises?
•What do you feel are the main benefits to the research and what do you feel are some of the shortcomings?
•Provide an example (and discussion) as to how the research can be applied to a known serial offender.

The essay that you submit should address each of the questions listed. Also, the essay must be constructed in APA style and contain a minimum of three (3) references in support of your discussions. The essay should be 2-3 pages in length not including the title and references pages.

Useful collegiate composition tutorial:
Core composition requirements (Links to an external site.)

I will grade the essays using the following construct and flat scale (which represents the associated feedback model);

Above Standard (90-100 points): addresses all components of discussion. Proper APA style is evidenced. Student demonstrated applied understanding of the research and its application to the field of profiling. Reference set exceeds minimum required.

Meets standard (75-85 points): addresses all components of discussion, but lacks some depth and clarity (application). APA style is evidenced, but is not correct for formatting. Student provides analysis of the research idea or concept, but it is not as detailed as the Above Standard categorization. Reference set meets the minimum required.

Below Standard (50-70 points): addresses the majority, but not all of the question set. APA style is either not evidenced or fatally flawed in application. Student speaks to the main issues or outline, but clarity and depth of understanding is lacking. Reference set is limited in number and relevance.

All papers should be correct for format (title and references pages) and proper grammar and spelling. Finally, all assignments must be completed in MS Word format. If you do not own a copy of MS Office (Word) you can download the 60 day trial version at: (Links to an external site.)

APA style help files and examples (more can be found at the CWU Library): APA


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