Perceiving/Judging Others

Each reflection involves writing a 200-word paragraph applying one specific concept from the course to understanding a specific and personal experience you or someone you know has had. Reflections are short, so do not to try to address too large or general a concept. Trying to apply a general concept will not result in a good grade.
A good basic structure is to

(1) introduce, define, and explain the concept of interest from the course,

(2) describe a personal experience or situation, and

(3) explain how the concept from the course allows you to understand or explain the real-world behavior observed. For example, you might write a paragraph on an acquaintance or friend who is highly conscientiousness, making them a consistently productive student or worker.

LENGTH: 200 words or less. Please include a word count at the bottom of the paragraph or page. Word counts include just your paragraph, not your name/title/course section, etc.


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