passion for nursing

3. In a short essay discuss what motivated you to become a nurse and how your passion for nursing fits into the vision and values of the facility you would like to be placed in?
• What motivates me to be a nurse is my husband who also ia a charge Nurse in ICU unit. I witnessed my grandmother who was hospitalized for long period of time due to debilitating illness. I saw how nurses were so emphatic and sympathetic to her and us and how they provided culturally sensitive care. From that day I decided to become a nurse because I want to change people’s life and put a smile on patient’s face.

• I am multi-lingual person and have good leadership skills.

• Furthermore, knowing that I can become a better version of myself and recognizing that there will always be something to improve while remaining truthful to your values in life. Nursing is a lifelong learning process and I am ready for its challenges and growth.
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