Part of a Business Plan

Part of a Business Plan

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This is a part of a Business plan assessment and this is the section that I am supposed to do as a part of a group activity for this assessment. This is about participating in a planning exercise for a new business opportunity and venture. The business report format needs to be used for this assessment.
As for my section, I should read the following pitch, which is written by one of my group members about a new and creative business venture. Then, based on the information given about the nature and the need of the business, I’ve got to creatively respond in details to the sections following the pitch and wherever applicable using references to back my concepts.
The Pitch:
A common notion that has been identified amongst literature is that ‘change is the only constant’ (Ref). In turn allowing one to identify the considerable amount of attention that entrepreneurship and innovation has received in recent years. As both the aforementioned elements are contingent on new services, products or moving from a current state to new one (ref). Most scholars identify that entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand (Ref), in turn validating the numerous new products and services introduced in the market. This is the very basis for the idea of {INSERT BUSINESS NAME}. {INSERT BUSINESS NAME} sparked from current social cultural influences in the market within Australia. Today, childhood obesity is at an all time high, statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), state that between the 2011 and 2012 that a staggering rate of 25.1% of children aged between 2-17 were overweight or obese (ABS Corporate 2013). In turn providing an opportunity in the market for a service or product aimed at rectifying this issue. {INSERT BUSINESS NAME} aims to provide families and children with a healthy life style choice of fresh home cooked meals and physical activities. What one must understand is that today we have an ageing population and more women are currently in the workforce. In turn suggesting that the traditional stay at home mothers, who may have had time to prepare healthy home cooked meals, in today’s environment is hard to achieve. The ABS has found that in recent years employment trends have changed and today full time employment of women has increased to 44% (ABS Corporate 2013). Thus, {INSERT BUSINESS NAME} aims to provide families who are stringent on time cost effective and more importantly healthier lifestyle options.

{INSERT BUSINESS NAME} aims to provide healthy and fresh meal options for dinner, for families that due to their lifestyles don’t have the time to prepare home cooked meals. {INSERT BUSINESS NAME} will differentiate themselves in the market by solely focusing on children aged between 5-17. The company will provide a wide range of meal options that will cater for specific dietary requirements and include meals from a variety of food groups. However, {INSERT BUSINESS NAME} will not only promote and facilitate healthy eating they will also provide a range of weekend sporting activities and training sessions, aimed at improving the overall well being of children aged between 517.

Please respond to the following sections based on the pitch.
(All these sections together need to be 1100 words excluding the references and please allocate sufficient word count to each division according to its importance and adequacy based on your own analysis and understanding.)

Business Concept
• This is a brief overview of what you are trying to achieve and the benefits you think it will produce.
• What is the purpose of the report, what are you asking for?
• What type of organization are you trying to establish? (This links back to the letter of transmission and the audience you are presenting the extend pitch to.)

The Industry
• Overview of the industry sector. (This should be the same as in the pitch)
• Industry trends.
• Major players in the industry.
• Estimated industry sales. (For example: Melbourne for limited numbers like 30,000)
• If it is a new business in an existing industry then a Porters analysis may be appropriate and an assessment of industry attractiveness
• Summary of the new ventures place within this industry.

Market Analysis
• Target market description
• This should be the target market identified in the industry sector. This section can also mention future customers; however it should concentrate on the initial target segment.
• Geographic location, demographics, target market’s needs and how these needs are currently being met. This should link back to competitive analysis.
• Target market size and value
• Market value assessment. The assumptions and the logic by which you arrived at an estimate of the size and value of the market needs to be presented
• How will you overcome any entry barriers to the chosen market?
• What percentage of the market do you think you will capture and why. An ADAR analysis could be conducted if the market is mature.

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