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I have attached 2 articles for replies 1 paragraph should be okay on each one…I have also attached the extra credit instructions.
Replies should either support or contrast the team’s posting. Extra credit postings should advance the discussion or topic with new perspective
or added reference (not just “I agree with you team X…”). You can also relate personal experience, if applicable. You can reply to the team
posting or postings of others there. You can also receive credit for defending your team’s initial posting, if your posting is challenged
(including by the instructor). The goal is a deeper level of dialog worthy of the extra credit point

San Bernardino Cuts City Fire department!

For the past three years, the city of San Bernardino has been in the midst of bankruptcy. Thus, city leaders have considered outsourcing the
city’s fire department to cut costs. Not only are city leaders proposing to annex the fire department, but as well as adding a parcel tax of
$148 with a three percent increase per year for about 45,000 properties. On page 131 of the text, the sponsor of the analysis in this case is
the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). The organization is performing the analysis of the problem presented to the city. LAFCO has
raised and answered questions in the text, such as why has this problem surfaced? Who is affected? What resources are available to support the
analysis? The overall problem is if the city should follow through with the annexation of the city’s fire department, and bring in new taxes to
the residents of San Bernardino.

After the problem is defined, the next step in policy analysis is setting objectives and criteria. When setting objectives and criteria for a
public problem, according to page 131 in the text, the process can be difficult due to the fact that criteria is based on many different
perspectives. For the LAFCO organization in San Bernardino, it was necessary for them to consider both the increased taxes that would affect
landowners and taxpayers within the city, while also considering the state of San Bernardino’s state of bankruptcy. They also had to consider
the employment of city fire department employees. LAFCO determined that the most important objective was being able to provide a sustainable
level service, in order to maintain public safety for the community. Therefore, the move to county level service was eminent.

According to our text on page 132, developing alternatives are considered the creative phases of policy analysis. This is where solutions become
innovative, and approaches to problem solving are developed. In this article the city officials and community members of San Bernardino placed
into action what is called “The Exit Plan.” The plan includes outsourcing the fire department as a means to getting the city out of bankruptcy.
By outsourcing the fire department, the city can supply a sustainable level of service than what they are currently offering. The “Exit Plan”
involves a cohesion of resources with in the communities of San Bernardino. The two main problems that the Exit plan addresses is the city’s
lack of police and fire departments. City officials saw a lack of city services, and resources, and by having the people in the community do
their part by agreeing or disagreeing with the move forward, they are developing alternatives.

When it comes to analyzing policies, it is explained on pg.132 that after having generated various policies to address the issue, the analyst
must now assess the probable impact of each alternative. The article mentions that the first impact of this alternative policy would be to allow
the city to get a sustainable level of service. By having the county taking over, there will be faster response times by the police and fire
departments as well as they will be provided with equipment maintenance that has been long overdue. In addition, the city projects that by using
the “Plan of Adjustment” the plan can ultimately add $7-$8 million to its coffers, which can be mainly used on a five-year plan to improve the
police department.

Furthermore, the Exit Plan, can benefit firefighters by increasing employment because if they remain an “in-house departments” this can mean an
increase in closed fired stations, which leads to less firefighters on duty and public safety can become a greater issue. Lastly, this plan can
serious affect many residents because of the tax that many can’t afford. Yet, if they don’t approve the annexation proposal this can lead to
more cuts on public safety and greater financial problems.

There are various pros and cons in the annexation proposal. According to the article, LAFCO will mail a form to registered voters and landowners
that allows them to protest that move, which could kill it if there is enough protests. Outsourcing the fire department was part of the plan of
adjustment that the city passed in April to guide its exit from bankruptcy. If the plan is not approved, fire and police protection would
continue to deteriorate. The plan will be terminated if LAFCO receives a protest from more than 50 percent of registered voters. If the plan of
the annexation is approved, it will provide a sustainable level of service for the city as well as overdue equipment maintenance and faster
response times. The annexation proposal is the only way to give the city adequate, sustainable public safety.


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