P budget.

Discussion Questions: address all questions in short essay format :

1. Based on your calculations in question 4, what is the trophic status of the lake using Carlson’s Trophic State Index? What does this trophic status imply about the lake? What would the associated Secchi depth transparency be and what would that tell us?

2. Is the trophic status of the lake changed if you change the flow of water in and out of the lake? Why would this sometimes be used as a management practice for dealing with pollution? Would it be effective? (Consider the change in the residence time)

3. We are often worried about P pollution to water bodies, such as streams and lakes. Why is this and issue? Where does it come from?

4. What are some ways that we can reduce P loading to lakes and streams? Are there specific best management practices (BMPs) within a watershed that would help reduce nutrient loading?
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