Ottomans to Arab urban life

Ottomans to Arab urban life
Based upon the attached reading: Review the main changes introduced by the Ottomans to Arab urban life. In your last paragraph, what does these changes tell us about Ottomans and Ottoman rule. Explain your answer.

*Important Tips:
-Kindly include some (not all) dates when necessary
-Do not mention “this paragraph will discuss, or this portion will discuss” and avoid using several transitions “on the other hand…etc.”. I am looking for quality more than quantity of words. Also, avoid a title page and a reference page and a header.
-Do not cite anything, and do not copy sentences word for word, paraphrase instead.
-Please see the attached file “example”; this is an example of the layout, structure, ideas division that I am looking for.
-It is imperative please to follow all the directions meticulously.

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