Organizational Strategies for Quality Assessment and Improvement Custom Essay

Topic: Organizational Strategies for Quality Assessment and Improvement

Organizational Strategies for Quality Assessment and Improvement
What can health care organizations do to promote a culture of safety? What conditions motivate individuals to contribute toward quality improvement? How can leadership encourage those working in an organization to respond appropriately in a challenging situation? In this Discussion, you will consider various recommendations for promoting quality in health care organizations.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Use the Walden library and credible Web sites to research examples of organizations that are striving to improve quality and safety using strategies related to at least one of the following (or other factors addressed this week):


Interdisciplinary teamwork


Organizational structure

Organizational culture

Select one example that you think is particularly inspiring or beneficial to share in the Discussion.

Review the Learning Rources. What additional strategies might help to motivate health care professionals to assess and improve quality?
Post by Day 4 a response to the following:

Briefly describe how an organization has implemented a quality-related strategy that involves leadership, teamwork, governance, organizational culture, or other factors addressed this week.

Describe the organization’s objectives related to this change, and, if possible, evaluate its progress thus far.

Propose additional strategies or recommendations that you would suggest for an organization.

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