Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication

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Pick 2 possible problems out of the scenario below


A small public relations firm that prides itself on customer satisfaction has been experiencing several employee-related problems. Employees in this company work in project groups consisting of three to seven people. These groups work closely together for long periods of time on various customer accounts. In the past six months, customers have complained about the effectiveness of employee decisions, the quality of interactions they’ve had with the group both electronically and face-to-face, as well as the timeliness and quality of the group’s final products. Some of the more minor, but important, accounts have been lost. On top of this issue, employees in project groups are becoming disgruntled with one other and complain of conflicts and interpersonal problems, as well as a lack of motivation and leadership. Complaints to managers about project group members have nearly doubled.

Describe which problem-solving process you would use to select focus on and why this method was chosen. Options include:


•Standard Agenda (“based on reflective thinking, beginning w/ understanding the charge, and followed by understanding and phrasing the question, fact-finding, setting criteria and limitations, discovering and selecting solutions)

•Experientially Based Processes (“reflecting bounded rationality contributing to satisficing, or the generation of decisions that are good enough if not the best; uses past experiences, emotional reactions, and knowledge and beliefs in producing decisions often not possible with more strictly rational approaches”)

•Nominal Group Process

Describe which decision-making process you would use and why this method was chosen. Options include:

•Leader Mandate

•Majority Rule

•Powerful Minority


Describe the criteria established to evaluate ideas and select focus. (i.e., What standards did we use to decide if one topic was better than others?)

The criteria established to evaluate ideas and select the focus was

The communication tactics used to manage conflict included

•Make sure focus is specific enough to be covered in depth for final project. For example, a topic such as “influencing employee motivation through a revised reward structure” would be appropriate, while “leadership” is very broad and would not be appropriate.

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