Organizational Communication.

Read the case below. Choose one of the problems faced by Joan Murphy in this case. Determine an appropriate problem-solving process model ( like the nominal group process) and decision-making mode (like consensus) for this problem. Write a thoughtful, well-considered essay that addresses these questions:

1. What problem did you select?
2. What methods did you choose? Why?
3. Who would be involved in using these methods?
4. How would those methods be used in the situation?
5. What problems or barriers to their employment exist?
You do not need a reference and you do not have to use the techniques I mentioned if you don’t want to.

Joan Murphy had an important and exciting dilemma. she had been offered management training positions by two of the top retailers in the country. When she had interviewed, Joan had been hoping to get an offer from one of the two, but in her wildest dreams she had not expected to hear from both. The two companies were making similar financial offers; both were in the Midwest, where she hoped to stay; and both were reported to have excellent training programs with fast promotional progress. Both alternatives were attractive. How should she decide?

Joan went to work for Dayton Retailers. The decision had been a difficult one, requiring considerable weighing of various alternatives. She felt good about Dayton and hoped they liked her work. Joan did not, however, feel comfortable with some of the behaviors exhibited by others in her management training group. Joan knew at least 2 of her peers in the training program were having other friends at Dayton complete their project assignments. To make matters worse, the two were getting the highest praise in the class and seemed likely to get the best assignments when the courses were over. Joan didn’t think that was fair or good for Dayton. She questioned what she should do, especially when others might view her complaints as simply trying to get ahead. Joan decided to work very hard on her final presentation for the management training course to demonstrate to the trainers and the trainees as well what her capabilities were.

Joans assignment to the Ridgefield Shopping Center was terrific. To be put in charge of junior sportswear in a thriving store was quite a plum. Her only difficulty was caused by department remodeling, which limited space to bring new, competitive lines. 3 new lines had been proposed, but space limitations permitted the stocking of only one of the 3. Joan had called a meeting of the junior sportswear buyers, the top salespeople from the floor, and the floor manager to attempt to decide which of the 3 would be best. Joan began to think about how the group should approach the decision.

After several successful months at Ridgefield, Joan was transferred to Glencrest, a struggling store. Although she knew this position was a real learning opportunity, Joan was sorry to leave Ridgefield and the wonderful group of people with whom she was working. Joan also knew the staff of Glencrest was anything but happy to have her come. The manager Joan was replacing was popular, and the staff was not pleased at the changes management was making. They appeared to be especially apprehensive about the new computerized inventory system due for installation. Joan knew the staff did not dislike her personally but were unhappy about managements statement the store would have to establish a better track record or suffer staff and merchandise reductions. Joans first responsibilities were to change the sales promotions schedules for the next several months and to get the new inventory system running. She needed the cooperation of her new staff and their advice on how to develop a promotions plan that could hope to increase sales in the struggling store. After all she did not know this market area nearly as well as Ridgefield. Joan thought about the type of group she would form for solving the Glencrest problems. She decided to interview each staff member individually to learn more about them and to understand what they might contribute to changes at Glencrest.

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