Organizational Communication.

For the following scenario, analyze the conflict and suggest possible courses of action. Your discussion of the scenario should address the following questions:
1. Why is this situation a conflict? Explain how each conflict stage might be reflected in this situation. The conflict stages are latent conflict, perceived conflict, felt conflict, manifest conflict, and conflict aftermath.
2. Who are the participants in the conflict? What are their strategic objectives within the conflict?
3. What conflict management style would you adopt toward the conflict? Why do you think this style would be effective? Types of styles to choose from are avoidance, competition, compromise, accommodation, or collaboration.
4. What specific communication tactics would you employ? Why do you think these tactics would be useful? The tactics to choose from are Descriptive versus evaluative language, Problem oriented versus controlling language, XYZ model, or Third party intervention.

You are a team leader in your organization. Your supervisor frequently sits in on your team’s group meetings, ostensibly in order to “provide you with some feedback on your leadership skills.” Each time your supervisor observes your team’s meetings and planning sessions, he does the following: about halfway into the meeting, he interrupts in order to present an unflattering critique of your communication and organizational skills, thanks everyone for their time, and then leaves the room. From discussions with your fellow team leaders, you know that he does the same thing to some (but not all) of your colleagues. This afternoon, you and the other team leaders are scheduled to meet with your supervisor for a “leadership seminar.”

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