Organizational Assessment.

Organizational Assessment.

You will be required to assess human services organization. The paper should addresses the following:

1. Evaluation of how the organization is structured, managed and marketed.

2. Critique of organizational policies
3. Summary of regulations to which the organization must adhere.

4. Evaluation of how the organization is led.

5. Analysis of how leadership deals with change.

6. Analysis of funding streams.

7. Evaluation of the use of volunteers.

8. Assessment of fundraising strategies.

Recommendations for improvement must be made. The work must be supported by a minimum of six sources. The sources got to be 5 years and less old.

Assesses the operation of a human services organization – Exhaustively assesses the organizations operations with well documented and specific details about its structure, management, and marketing a thorough critique of its organizational policies; a summary of its regulations, an evaluation of its leadership and how it deals with change, assessment of funding streams and fundraising strategies; and how it employs volunteers.

Recommends improvements to the organization- Recommends a realistic, persuasive, and well – supported set of improvements that spans multiple components of the organizations operations.

Writing and Organization – Demonstrates exemplary clarity and organization. The paper should contains a well – articulated thesis statement flawless mechanics, and precise APA formatting.

Research – Demonstrates exemplary critical analysis of the research materials. The comprehensively use varied scholarly, relevant and current resources to inform, analysis, evaluation, problem -solving, and decision – marking.

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