Organisational behaviour

Organisational behaviour

All discussion to be about only one topic which is (knowledge and Learning) in this organisation and how it’s implemented, if it’s good then WHY it’s good ? If bad talk say WHY and give explanation and solutions from the readings provided.
you can also talk about Knowledge and creation and Link it to another product or org as an example, Describe how the knowledge is created as per the sources provided.
you can reproduce the diagram and apply it to the Org, Don’t be too descriptive, Talk about how they did well acquiring knowledge, if you get a new article with a unique idea that would be great.

WHY? HOW? is important. don’t ignore (because) always explain why. Don’t ignore the market failure if there is any.
Other things you can talk about theories and how it relates to knowledge and creation in the organisation. some theories and articles to be included (Must be included) :
– Kolb’s learning cycle
– Prahalad & Hamel (1990) collective learning
– Nonaka (2005) and (2007)
– Kogut & Zander 1992, 1993
– Arrow’s Paradox
– combinative capabilities
– Nonaka’s Matrix
– paper by Conner & Prahalad + also debate
between Kogut & Zander and Foss in Organization
Science v. 7, 1996
– special issue of Strategic Management Journal v.
17 (Winter), 1996.
– special issue of Organization Science 13(3) 2002
– special issue of Organization 14(1) 2007.

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