Optional Practical Training OPT Academic Essay

(My Outline)
“Optional Practical Training OPT”
“Literature Review”
Policy Theory
“Optional Practical Training OPT is temporary employment directly related to an F1 student’s major of study. OPT is designed to give the foreign student an opportunity to further their education by gaining practical experience”. Write all you can find about this topic (statistics, issues, problems, and so on) two to three pages (Lit review)
Problems face OPT international students like:
1- Consultancy agencies that play the mediator between trainers and employers and charge students after finding the employer. This is the point I would write about
2- Unemployment time which is 90 days
3- And trying with a specific employer

• In this paper I would like to focus on the challenge of consultancy practices that exploit those students during their research for an appropriate employer.
Research Question
How to avoid illegal consultancy practices on OPT international students?
Logic Model
Please, follow the attached Logic Model to fill it with appropriate info.
Inputs, Resources: one paragraph
Activities: one paragraph
Outputs: one paragraph
Outcomes (short, intermediate and long term) two or three paragraphs
Then a short conclusion
Resources required
A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis
And at least 3 other sources

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