BIS 8513 – Telecommunications
HBS Case: OnStar – Not Your Father’s General Motors

This case addresses a strategic decision by Chet Huber regarding whether to keep OnStar as a proprietary service. The case highlights related effects of foreign competition and General Motors’ bankruptcy. It ends with a brief description of some decision alternatives.
Please read and analyze the assigned case. Your analysis must address the following questions:
a. Which alternative would you recommend, and why? Use the financial, performance, and other information provided in the case to justify your answer. You must also use information from five other reputable sources (e.g., news, trade, or academic journal articles, but not including the case).
b. Be sure to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option. What are the realistic outcomes and risks of your recommendation? Multiple alternatives—including their benefits and risks—must be assessed. Papers focusing on only one alternative will be downgraded.
c. Chapters 6 and 11 from The Case Study Handbook (Ellet, 2007) may be helpful references.
Again, please use the financial, performance, and other data in the back of the case to support your answer. You must also use information and/or data from five other reliable sources (e.g., news, trade, or academic journal articles, but not including the case).
Avoid common mistakes when writing case reports. These include, but are not limited to:
• Don’t re-tell the case. Get to the point. What should Mr. Huber do?
• Avoid giving abstract advice. Be specific. Support your recommendations with sound reasoning based on reliable data. Remember: numbers are your friends.
• Beware of afterthoughts. For example, do not suggest an idea at the end of the paper in order to “cover your bases.” If the idea is useful, it should be addressed throughout your paper.

• Four FULL pages of text minimum, not including the title page. Double-spaced in 12-point font with 1-inch margins. You may write more, but please don’t exceed six pages..

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