On completion of this assignment the student should be able to:

On completion of this assignment the student should be able to:
– Reading, interpreting and understanding the purpose of architectural and engineering
– Visualise the sequence of the construction process incorporating labour and
– Materials
– Draft a set of construction sections through elements of a low rise commercial
– building.
– Sequencing the construction process.
– Principles of material handling.
– Selection and incorporation of labour into the construction process.
Description Using a systematic and appropriate approach to examine the technical drawing provided to
prepare construction feasibility study report for client. The report should contain;
• Identify building elements, their functionality and material
• Description of building element functionality and material
• Graphical information such as photos and 3D hand sketch (CAD sketch/drawing is optional)
section details of the identify building elements
• Comprehensive step by step explanation (using drawings and diagrams to illustrate) the
construction process. These included but not limited to project planning, site planning,
material handling methods, construction process until commissioning and hand-over.
• A professional format written including such qualities as structuring sections and paragraphs
to bring out a sound professional discussion, control of the conciseness and relevance of the
discussion, and to use appropriate citation and referencing techniques.

must have:
An executive summary: which should include an introduction to your client outlining
what the report contains
2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) descriptions to explain work/sub work/tasks and
activities involve in “Construction Stage” which should cover all site preparation
building structure and MEP works.
3. Put these tasks/activities in a Gantt chart format and indicate sequence of these
tasks/activities described in Work Breakdown Structure. (Grantt Chart must be completed)
4. Provide 2 cross section detail hand sketch drawings (CAD sketch/drawing is
optional) and indicate where the section plane is on the drawing provided. These
sketches have to be your own. Image copy form internet or text book are not
5. Each section detail sketch has to cover structure and MEP work. (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing)
6. Conclusion

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