Nutrition in Context: Individual Dietary Assessment

Nutrition in Context: Individual Dietary Assessment

This is lifted directly from the assessment brief:

This is an individual piece of work based on the analysis and evaluation of your dietary intake. During your first practical session, you will learn how to record dietary intake data and you will then be required to record your own dietary intake over 3 consecutive days (including one weekend day). During your second practical session, you will use a computerised dietary analysis package (Nutritics) to calculate the nutrient content of your diet. You will then be required to write a 2000 word report based upon your interpretation of the data from this analysis.
1. Present your personal intakes of the following nutrients, *and* the relevant DRVs for these nutrients, in suitably headed tables:
~ Total energy (kcal), % total energy from total fat, saturated fat, total carbohydrates, protein, alcohol, total sugar (g), dietary fibre (g), vitamin C (mg), calcium (mg), iron (mg) and sodium (mg).
2. Compare *and* evaluate your intake of these nutrients with the UK DRV applicable to your age (18) and gender (female). You should draw on a range of suitable *academic* sources in order to complete this section. These sources should be appropriately referenced and consistently cited throughout.
3. Discuss practical ways in which your diet could be altered to improve the nutrient profile where necessary.


Feel free to ask me necessary questions about my diet or lifestyle if it will help for suggesting recommendations on how to improve the diet.

I will attach my current essay in order for you to be familiar with the structure and headings etc. I will also include the necessary Nutritics report and food diary needed for analysis. If you require any other documents, please do not hesitate to contact me to let me know.

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