Mrs Carson 64 years old, is admitted with congestive cardiac failure. It is planned that Frusemide ( Lasix ) and Digoxin will be prescribed for her treatment:


  • On night, Mrs Carson awakens extremely breathing and coughing up pink mucoid sputum, which position should the nurse place her immediately:


  • Upright, with her feet lowered.
  • Semi- recumbent, with her feet elevated
  • Upright, leaning over the bed- table.
  • Recumbent, without any pillows.



  • The doctor arrived and prescribed Frusmide ( Lasix ) 20mg IV statin, This drug promotes diuresis by:


  • Inhibiting the action of aldosterone.
  • Increasing renal execration of sodium
  • Influencing the action of antidiuretic hormone
  • Blocking the reabsorption of sodium and water



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