Nineteenth-century America through the experiences of immigrants

Explain nineteenth-century America through the experiences of immigrants. You will need to write about two (2) groups of immigrants. The first group must be either Irish or Germans. The second group can be Italians, Jews, or Chinese.

What were the push and pull factors for each group? Where did they settle? What kinds of work did they do? What challenges did they face – and/or what contributions did they make to America?
Furthermore, the nineteenth century was characterized by industrialization and urbanization. You should therefore integrate these categories into your description of each group. How were they affected by industrialization and urbanization? And how did they in turn affect industrialization and urbanization?
Suggested sources
• Readings. Daniels, Coming to America is the most obvious source, but be careful so
not to write a summary about each group. Among Course Readings, only #23 (Riis) is explicitly about immigrants, but others (such as #24 on Progressivism) are relevant to immigration and urbanization.
• Slideshows. Most important are #4 and 7, but #5 and 6 are also helpful. There are many illustrations, ads, video clips, and links about each immigrant group too, and you should utilize at least a few of them for analysis.

America through the experiences of immigrants

Nineteenth-century America through the experiences of immigrants Assignment help.

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