Networking Basics.

You are Sam Smith, a new IT technician at Global Packaging. You have been provided with your first assignment to connect a personal computer (PC) to an Ethernet network and a fiber-optic network. You will be involved in the development and implementation of their wide area network (WAN) project.

Provide a Word document that addresses the following:
•A brief description in your own words of the necessary actions to connect systems to a network using wired media.
•A summary of the characteristics that make fiber-optic cabling different from other forms of cabling.
•A scenario whereby fiber-optic cabling would be appropriate for a client. Support your position with relevant research.
•A functional comparison of the different network devices.
•Details about what is necessary for Internet connectivity.
•Explain the process to install a network adapter.
•Primary differences between a wide area network and a local area network.

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