Netflix Campaign Critique

Netflix Campaign Critique

This assessment requires you to individually develop a critique of integrated communications
programs of the brand you worked on in assessment 1. This is an opportunity for you to connect
your insights from brand contact audit with campaign critique. The questions you need to consider
include but are not limited to:
– What is the situation faced by the brand?
– What are the goals and objectives of the campaign and the different communications
disciplines employed to achieve them?
– Who are the target publics of the campaign? Are they well segmented and targeted in
different communications disciplines?
– What are the strategies and tactics employed?
– What roles does each communication discipline play in the campaign?
– To what extent are these programs integrated and deliver grater impact than individual
– Are brand contact points carrying the most weight in influencing target audience’s perception
of the brand prioritized in integrated communications programs?
– Do current integrated communications programs address any negative brand perception or
inconsistencies between brand identity and brand image?
– To what extent are they effective in achieving the purposes? And why so?
– What are your recommendations in planning better integrated communications programs?

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