the question is the following:

Please prepare a plan for the upcoming negotiation.
This should include (each point carries equal marks):
1. The seller’s BATNA, an estimate of the buyer’s BATNA , and an analysis of the interests of both the companies and the individuals involved in the meeting.
2. An agenda for the meeting, plus an opening statement (often called an incentive statement) with approximate timings, assume the negotiation will last 90 minutes. The incentive statement should be no longer than 200 words, and should outline all of the key issues to be addressed during the meeting, and should be framed in such a way as to align with the interests of the buyer.
3. You can attend with up to 4 (fictitious) colleagues from Info Systems. How many people would you choose to take with you? What negotiation roles would you allocate to each (e.g. Chairperson, lead negotiator etc).
4. What authority would you seek from Info Sys in order to reach agreement (I.e. Would you want the power to agree a deal on the day or would you seek approval from further up the organisation).
5. What negotiating tactics would you seek to employ in order to reach the most value creating agreement.

BATNA stands for : best alternative to a negotiated agreement.

general instructions:

Assignments should be typed using a 10 or 11 point font (Times Roman or similar if possible), with double spacing and a 4 cm margin on the right-hand side of the page. Please set the page size to UK A4. All pages must be numbered.

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