Needs Assessment Analysis

Needs Assessment Analysis

Paper details:

•Identify the data points needed for the assessment.
•Explain the use of a needs assessment when developing a change management project related to your topic: My topic: Develop a root cause analysis for prevent 30 days Hospital Readmission.
•Summarize the process of developing a needs assessment.
•Describe the role of the nurse administrator in conducting a needs assessment.

Include a minimum of four peer-reviewed resources, and develop a reference page formatted consistent with APA guidelines

Using Root Cause Analysis to
Reduce All

Cause Readmissions
Howard Dubin
, MD
Test Your Problem Solving Skills
If you had two U.S. coins totaling 55 cents
and one of the coins was NOT a nickel, what
are the two coins?
Can a man living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
be buried west of the Mississippi?
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What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?
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The process used to identify the origin of a

Uses a specific set of tools to determine:

What happened?

Why it happened?

How to prevent it from happening again
Root Cause Analysis Basics
Symptom of the problem.
“The Weed”
Above the surface
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Underlying Causes
“The Root”
low the surface
The word
root, in root cause analysis, refers to the
underlying causes, not the one cause
What Root Cause Analysis is NOT
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Used to blame any
one person or group
Pulling the RCA Community Team Together

The RCA team is;




Inclusive of staff directly involved if possible

Includes Physicians

Has support of leadership

Everyone on the team is EQUAL

Everyone leaves their badge outside of the room
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A Readmission happens….

now what?
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