Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

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The Needs Assessment may be presented in tabular form, flowcharts, diagrams, etc. with supporting narrative. The assessment should include:

Alignment with facility mission, goals, strategies, etc.= 10 points

Identify stakeholders = 10 points

Population details (volume, characteristics, access) = 10 points

Conduct a Gap Analysis (See Terry pg. 252) = 10 points

Conduct a SWOT Analysis (See Teryy pg. 251) = 4 points for each component total 20 points

Summarize needs, problem statement, alternatives, and strategies in two concise paragraphs using quantitative and qualitative data from the facility = 10 points

Discuss required resources (subjects, patient types, data access, staff time, equipment, etc.) and availability in the facility = 10 points

Discuss the potential for project sustainability in the facility after project completion = 10 points

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