Nautifans A Prehistoric Civilization

For this option you will select a prehistoric civilization or site that is significant for world prehistory. You will research the subsistence strategies of that civilization and its environmental interactions researching also diet, health, and technology of the civilization. Prehistoric Groups/Sites * Natufians (Middle East) Your paper should address the following:

1) Geography: Describe the geography where this group is located. Include: a. Climate b. Topography c. Waterways d. Identify modern-day country

2) Describe specific archaeological sites which tell us about your group a. Name and Location b. When excavated and by whom c. Significant features

3) Explain the original reason for settlement (advantages) and the reasons for growth

4) Describe the culture: a. Subsistence base: how did people support themselves? b. Political organization: how did people govern themselves? c. Social Structure: what do we know about people were organized? d. Contacts with others: with whom did they trade; fight; network with?

5) Explain what happened to the group. Analyze the reason for the decline, disappearance, or continued existence.

6) What comparisons can we make with our own modern-day situation?

Format Guidelines for Prehistory Project

Your paper should be at least 1500 words. (Please note that the number of words in your reference list do not count towards the length of your paper.) Your paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins. Keep your standard English straightforward. Check your spelling and grammar carefully. Poor spelling and grammar will affect your grade. List all documents used in a reference list at the end of your paper following AAA or APA style. Please indicate in your paper that this is the style you are using. Cite all sources using in-text ciations. . Type your name, date, and the assignment topic at the beginning of your paper When you save your document, title it with your last name, option number, and assignment name (e.g., Jones, I. Option 1, Excavation of Maidu Rock Shelter.)

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