Nakilat Valuation Custom Essay

Topic: Nakilat Valuation (QGTC

consecrate on valuation part in the project
make sure that you covered the below point :

1-What growth pattern (Stable, 2-stage, 3-stage) would you pick for this firm? How long will high growth last?

2-What is your estimate of value of equity in this firm? How does this compare to the market value? What is the “key variable” (risk, growth, leverage, profit margins…) driving this value?

3-If you were hired to enhance value at this firm, what would be the path you would choose?

you can choose what ever resources you want

write more explanation you do not give table more space than it deserved
you can used the Qatar Exchange web to get the financial ratio
comparing will be within 5 year 2010-2014

I upload a research sample on previous student
you can see the layout
especially ooredoo

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