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1.based on ” i believe” essay to complete this essay.
2. • 1st person point of view
• Does not contain research or use outside sources in its development
WHAT: Write an essay in which you describe the potential research and writing strategies you will use to develop your upcoming 10-page
research-based persuasive essay.
HOW: With the upcoming 10-page persuasive essay in mind, the “My Strategy” essay will help you brainstorm important components that will inform
your future work. The final draft of the “My Strategy” essay should
• feature a strong introductory paragraph and thesis statement that clearly guides the reader to the purpose of the “My Strategy” essay (purpose
= angles to be covered, potential sources to be used, predicted opposition to points that will be made in upcoming 10-page research project);
• offer well-developed body paragraphs that
o describe angles to be covered in the upcoming 10-page research project,
o detail potential source materials to be used in the upcoming 10-page research project,
o predict opposing points of view to your expected position for the upcoming 10-page research project;
• contain a concluding paragraph that brings the “My Strategy” essay to a close and connects to the essay’s thesis statement;
• ensure thoughts are clearly conveyed, paragraphs are logically developed, and grammar is correctly presented.
APA Citation Basics: This assignment does not require outside research; the finished essay should not need in-text citations or a References
page. The assignment does not require an abstract. The assignment does, however, require a properly formatted APA cover page.
You will be working with an OWL specialist to create multiple drafts of this assignment toward a polished, well- crafted final version of your
WHY: This essay will help you determine specific angles to be addressed in the upcoming 10-page research-based persuasive essay, offer possible
research source locations, and predict the points of view of those who might oppose your position on the topic. This assignment demonstrates
writing as a process that requires substantive revision, and it allows practice using writing strategies and appeals.

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