Music Expansion

Imagine you have an airline company and you want to expand your audio channels by 3000 channels and you currently have 1500 channels of music. You want to create and add more albums more music and make it
More hip that it can adapt to many people from adults to the young and trendy
You currently have the below genres:

.Arabic pop
.Arabic Fusion

World Music
.South Asian
.South East Asian
.South American

.UK Chart no1 hits
.recent releases
.essential albums
.the album collection
.box sets
.jazz and blues
.musicals & soundtracks
.audio books
.health and relaxation
.classical and opera

Now how can you enhance this think of Spotify, itunes, shazam, all these streaming apps. You can create new playlists- Provide hit songs from all over the globe be creative as possible . You can have different genres
All forms of music even things that dont appeal to everyone but to a specific audience – emerging artists/themes/instrumentals/covers/undiscovered artists/

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